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Judith Minnema

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“When I was a little girl at around 5 years old, I had a little red bike. Such one with thick white wheels and white handles. And I loved to go out on that bike to discover the world! One day in summer while we were on a holiday in a small village somewhere in a rural part of The Netherlands I decided to discover the neighborhood on my little red bike. So I rode down the drive of the house and felt absolutely excited! I went left and right and right and left, I passed the windmill, took some little paths between the houses, till I suddenly realized I didn’t know where I was anymore and how to come back home again. I felt frightened….for one second…. Than something totally different took part of my little body. A deep feeling of trust and freedom overflowed me. I was loose of the known and absorbed in the unknown. I went on to the edges of the village and looked out over the fields and lost myself in the big world. A lot to discover still, what a freedom and joy!”

This little story has a lot of meaning for me personally. Whenever I am afraid or frustrated I know I am stuck in the known and I have to lean in the realm of not knowing, of endless possibility, and trust the innate creative force in myself. Than everything is flowing again.

To me this story is also a metaphor for the time we are in. We are stuck in the known, we think we are who we are, society is what it is, life is what it is. We need to ask ourselves the big questions of life and trust ourselves that new answers will come up. Then we will find our deep creative source and allow it to let it guide us into new ways of being and working together. I believe we can create a new world from the inside out.

If there is anything I want to contribute to in my lifetime, it is to create a space where people can experience their potentiality within themselves and within our circles and to facilitate a higher stage of creativity between people with the endeavor to build a world that meets our deepest human needs and longings. A world I call ‘A global flourishing society’.

The first 30 years of my life (I am from 1971) I was mostly caught up in living a life according to what the dominant cultural values where. I was raised in a traditional protestant family as the youngest of 9 and although I was absolutely sure I did not want to have the traditional husband and kids (although I tried out marriage), I did not have any clue about the direction in my life. It is obvious to me now that I deeply wanted to learn about life, but back than it was an unconscious driver.

So I studied Journalism, Social Work and Italian Linguistics :-). Choices that were mostly related to the people of influence that surrounded me, with a vague current of personal purpose under it.  I quitted all studies before finishing. During and in between I had all kinds of jobs. I worked in call-centers, became a team leader, I worked in a shoe store, became a shop-manager. It wasn’t making real sense to me.

But then in 2001 something important happened in my life. I had a life changing experience of awakening (enlightenment). After that my perception of life had changed radically. I had a direct experience of the Life and I literally exclaimed it at a certain point: “Ooo! This is what life is!” It was only around my 40st birthday that I could see that this experience was an answer to the deep question (or intention) that was unconsciously driving me that was: “What is Life?”

Quote Judith Minnema

During the ‘enlightenment’ experience I was in a constant state of creativity  and flow and I had transformed myself into a healthy and energetic being. I had no fear, flowed in total wonder, and only saw possibilities. I quitted my last studies and job and became a business owner. For a few years I was a succesful running trainer and health coach and I loved to motivate and inspire people with my own experience.

But the direct experience of  ‘One’ slowly and gradually faded out, and it became obvious to me that the ‘old’ Judith was turning back. With that also the fear, obstacles, old believe systems and everything that is in the way of free flowing energy and creativity.

With the help of a spiritual teacher and community and a larger developmental (evolutionary)  perspective it dawned on me that we not only need to wake up, we need to also grow up.

With that insight a whole new episode had begun. I had been infused with Life, but now I had to learn  how to integrate it in my body mind soul system.

This isn’t a personal journey, whether we realise it or not, we are all on the same path, the path of conscious creation, the path of waking up and growing up….

I strongly believe everyone is an intentional being, every single person is here to get to know and to live that intention consciously. And it seems all very personal but it isn’t.  This is Life getting to know itself and create itself through us.

I believe we all have to wake up and grow up and tap into new and higher capacities of creativity.

This is why I now have created Transforming Self and Society – The Social Artist’s Way. And this is why I am stepping into the role of  Social Artist and offer you my love, my talents and  my experience, and most of all my willingness to step in the unknown and explore new lands.

Warm greetings,

Judith Minnema

Social Artist and Founder of Transforming Self and Society

What People Say About Me:

“Judith and I met early this year in Colquitt, GA USA at the Building Creative Communities Conference.  Her bubbly personality and passion for the story of what is to come in her life was invigorating.  During our training, for which I was a facilitator, Judith spent a great deal of time working to fully grasp the nuances of Social Artistry.  She focused on gaining a full bodied understanding of the work.

As she was willing to ask in-depth questions and spend time in private meditation, she embodied the work of a Social Artist.  Since Social Artistry is not an organization,  more-so a network of like-minded people, it can sometimes be difficult to translate the fact that this is a life study.  Judith understood this almost immediately.  I believe this understanding came from her inherent desire to live fully as an agent of positive change in the world.

Spending time with Judith was an absolute delight for me.  Her beautiful face is just a fractal of her beautiful spirit.  She lives with a passion not often found and inspires as she is inspired.  It is not only a joy to know her, but an exciting prospect to work with her in the future.

At the end of our training, each participant was tasked with creating a lesson plan that they would use moving forward.  Judith went above and beyond this task to create a vision for what she would do with Social Artistry tools in her personal life, as well as in a facilitator role.  She really gets it.  Social Artistry is a life-study into the possible selves and societies that we desire to create.  Judith lives the work and so I have no doubt that she is one of the best people to learn from.

I am so happy to offer my thoughts on Judith because I have been so inspired by her unending love for life, creativity and progress.”

With Love,

Tannur “SheWrightz” Ali, Poet, Facilitator, Social Artist.


“I experience Judith Minnema as a true innovator, she is genuinely open and has the courage that is needed for doing things for the first time, discovering the unexpected. She is a role model for creating with joy, grounded and true to herself. She is radically following her fulfillment and calling. She is spontaneous and reliable, which is a piece of social artwork in itself. She is fun to be with, enriching others with her awake presence and sensitivity, cheerfulness and seriousness.”

Eliza Starzer, Founder of the ‘Salzburger Salon for Social Artistry’, Trainer and Coach for leaders (in companies, in organizations and in the world), Social Artist, Creator of Space for transformation, connection and beauty.


“I’ve known Judith for a number of years and we’ve started to collaborate more when she became author and editor for ‘Pioniers Magazine’ and  as co-trainers in the ‘Pioniers Platform’. Judith sees possibilities in everything and always emphasizes the sunny side of life. She does this with a lot of depth and with good analytical abilities. She combines her creativity with a great dose of courage! She takes on new challenges with great ease which brings her ongoingly to new insights and actions. In short: Judith is a wonderful person, full of talents that she loves to erupt together with others.”

Carla de Ruiter, Chief Editor of ‘Pioniers Magazine’ and Organisational Consultant of ‘Pioniers Academy’.


“I met Judith as participant of our Storytelling Circle workshops at ‘Zinnig Noord’. She was very inspired and inspiring. Given her interests and passion for working and connecting with people to facilitate inspiration, creativity and transformation, we began a series of conversations about her dream to create a space to foster these qualities and develop Social Artistry. It is beautiful to see that her commitment is now manifesting in this site and initiative.”

Ron Bunzl – Interdisciplinary storytelling artist – theater/dance/circus/video/community arts.  and