Who am I?

Who am I? and What is Life? Those are my most favorite questions! They work in my life as strong intentions and have resulted in deep transformational experiences and ongoing development on all levels. It is this experience and knowledge that I have to offer you, together with my creative mind, optimism and lust for life! I am very much looking forward to meet you and to find out how we can together come further than ever before and change the world from the inside out. Read more here.

Transforming Self and Society, the origin story....

Although I have had a strong feeling of purpose since more than 10 years, and I always sensed I would be facilitating transformational change, I never could find the 'right' professional framework or context from which to work. As a lot of us who are seeking for new ways of being and doing in this time of tremendous transition, I was trying to find out a new role in society. Everything got much clearer after January 2016 when I turned back from Colquitt Georgia where I was part of the 'Building Creative Communities Conference' and followed 2 Social Artistry trajectories: the introductory course and the train the trainers course. When I came home, I knew what to do: Introducing Social Artistry in Europe. This website and launch of the Social Artistry course is my next first step, and a lot of first steps will follow from here :-) Read more here.